• Roshmi Sinha, for "4-Seasons Bookmarks: Water Painting [SET-01]"

    Can there be anything better for an incorrigible bookworm than a handmade bookmarks set that is also laminated for durability? Guess you can imagine my joy... when I received this lovely, well-timed gift: a handmade bookmarks set, in the theme of 4-Seasons, depicting Spring, Summer, Monsoon/Fall and Winter landscapes, done in water painting on handmade paper. They capture the essence of the seasons so well I keep admiring them. Why well-timed? Well, since 'Boshonto Utshob' or the 'Spring Festival' has already commenced, I get to use the one depicting Spring... while reading a collection of Robi Thakur's timeless poetry: "Shonchoita". Thank you Kaddu and your wondrous KraftyFingers; may they continue to spread happiness.

  • Shilpa Garg, for "Halloweend In Peach: Recycled Jars"

    The grinning 'Halloween pumpkin' face jar painted in Kadambari's official 'blog avatar' pattern is such a creative, apt and a unique gift! Appreciate the effort you must have taken to make this gift, Kadambari, which is simply perfect. Love it. In fact it is the first indoor plant in our home and the excitement to take care of it, see the little flowers bloom is a wonderful new experience for us. Thank you for this amazing gift.

  • Abhiroop Banerjee, for "Solitude: Water Painting"

    I'm not much of an art aficionado, but this number caught my eye and I wanted it from the moment I saw it online. I love the colours. Seemingly alive yet far from gaudy, they convey, to me, a distinct feeling of movement set against the stillness of solitude described by the lone figure in the scene. It is bright without being loud, quiet without being silent.

  • Namrata Poddar, for "Picture Collage - Namrata: Scrapbooking"

    I felt so overwhelmed and nice when they gifted me this. Now also, when I look at this collage after 13 years of marriage, it spreads a smile on my face and makes me feel so happy… it reminds me of my friends instantly. It was, it is and it will always be the most precious and memorable gift to me from my friends. I love you guys…

  • Saudamini Sood, for "Sister's Wedding: Gift Packing"

    When as kids, she used to pack gifts for friends. I never thought that she would do something more brilliant for me for my marriage. Not once did I think of going to any professional when it came to packing my trousseau. She did it all on her own. My gifts and also gifts for my in-laws were immaculately done. All who saw were praises for her packing creativity.