How To Make Glass Painting Window Art

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How To Make Glass Painting Window Art

Painting on glass windows is difficult if the windows are already fixed in the frames, because the colors trickle down on vertical surfaces. To overcome this, "Glass Painting Window Art" comes in handy.

To put simply, "window art" is glass painting done on transparency sheets and then pasted on windows. It not only adds that extra zing to your home décor, but also diffuses strong direct sunlight. Plus, it is non-permanent. So if you get bored with a certain design, you can remove it anytime and put up something new.

Here's a short tutorial explaining the entire process of making glass painting window art.
  1. First of all, you will need OHP (Over Head Projector) Paper or transparency sheets. You can get them in size A4 in most stationery stores. Bigger sizes are not so easily available though (at least in India).

  2. Then you will need glass liners and glass colors (solvent-based or water-based, doesn't matter) and some sticky dots or glue dots or invisible/magic tape (whichever is available easily). Invisible/magic tapes are non-permanent double-sided adhesive tapes.

  3. Print your design on a sheet of paper, put the paper below the OHP sheet, trace the design using the glass liner, allow to dry and then fill in the colors like you would on normal glass.

  4. Once the colors have dried, stick the OHP sheet on the window using the sticky dots / magic tape.
That's all. Your window art is ready. It looks as if the glass painting has been done on the window itself. Visitors and guests will ask you where you got that done, and when you tell them that you made it, they'll first touch the window art to figure out how you managed to paint on the window, and then give up and ask you for that information as well. Be prepared for some very interesting questions! [wink]

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