Sister's Wedding: Gift Packing

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Weddings are occasions for a lot of gift exchange. My sister's wedding took place in November 2011. As expected, there was a lot of gift packing to do that month. The above photographs show the gift I gave to my sister and brother-in-law.

The white porcelain hand, with the small heart-shaped container on top, is an ornate sindoor dibbi. Sindoor, the red cosmetic powder worn by Indian brides in their hair parting, is a sign of their marital status. I chose this particular gift as a symbolic blessing to my sister and B-I-L, for a long and happy married life.

However, I couldn't fill the top container with the sindoor, because traditionally, it comes from the groom's family. So I chose to put a gold coin there instead, again as a symbolic blessing to them, for wealth and prosperity (or Lakshmi, as we would say it here in India).

The colors of the packing -- pink, purple and silver-white -- stood for love, passion and purity. And the one rose on the box cover, hand-made with a silver ribbon, was again a symbol of eternal love.

Overall... a simple, in-expensive, clutter-free packing... for a thoughtful gift. Easy enough for wrapping up loads of party favours too.

This product is a part of the "made-to-order" collection here. It was done by me as a gift for my sister and brother-in-law, on the occasion of their wedding.

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