Social Icons: Embroidery

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A set of six hand-embroidered social icons, including Facebook, Twitter, Email, Skype, RSS Subscription, and Email Subscription.

While making this site, I was looking for social icons that went with the theme of this site and conveyed what KraftyFingers was all about. When I couldn't find anything suitable enough, I decided to create my own set of social icons.

I downloaded the plain vector images for the icons I wanted, put them all together in one Adobe Photoshop document, and printed it on an A4 size sheet. Then I put another A4 sheet on top of the printed one, and traced the outlines on this new blank sheet. I filled in the colors with crayons, and then embroidered the outlines with matching colored threads, all on paper.

I should have ideally used white fabric for making these icons, in stead of the A4 sheet, but I didn't have any at that time, and didn't want to wait to make a trip to the market. But it was tough embroidering on paper, and considerably slower too, because of the risk of tearing the paper.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed making these motifs. Just scanned the finished embroidered sheet, did some more editing in Photoshop to extract the individual icons, and then used them on the site.

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