Bal Gopal: Glass Painting

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Bal Gopal: Glass Painting
Lord Krishna, in his "Bal Gopal" form, was famous for stealing homemade butter from the neighbors. As such, this is one of the most popular artists' impressions of the Lord. Hence, I decided to adapt this design into a glass painting.

The background is blank in the above picture. But, a colored background can also be provided, painted in different shades.

The jewelery has been coated with a layer of glitter gel to create a more realistic effect. It can be made without glitter too.

This Wall Art painting can be custom-sized on order. The size can be scaled up or down in the same proportion.

Original Framed Size: 13.25 inches (width) by 12.5 inches (height)
Price: On-Demand (Shipping & Taxes extra)

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